Saturday, November 29, 2014

cheese and magazines

Dear friend John took me to St. Lawrence Market this morning - oh the luxury of a car and another pair of arms to help carry. What a fantastic place it is - absolutely packed with deliciousness. Including ... be still my beating heart ... a cheese shop that rivals a French one.
I'd mentioned to John that I need a bench under a window in my living-room, and he took me back to the fantastic modern house he shares with his wife and daughter, for breakfast and then to show me a piece he'd been given by his neighbour, a fishing store owner. He thought it might go sideways under the window - but it's a magazine display rack that turns. Heaven. We brought it home.
Okay, it's a bit ridiculous to have a magazine display rack in the living room, except if you're a magazine nut comme moi. Now all my New Yorkers and literary mags are neatly arranged, and the bottom shelves are all for Eli's picture books. I can put on a record, twirl the rack, choose and read. Neat, eh? 

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