Friday, May 11, 2012

The cab driver and the bank manager

Here, for students and all readers, is a beautiful true story. I say in class that good writing is about paying close attention. And here is someone who did. A treat.

And, in the "Wow, who knew?" department - I just received an email from my long-term bank manager at the Royal Bank, Dave. Dave is such a good friend, he came to my book launch and my 60th birthday party; he has helped me through the bewildering thickets of mortgages and savings accounts. And now, he and his RBC team are about to explode into the world of entertainment on television. In the clip below, Dave is the one who wants to break stereotypes and who talks about his famous "dead bug move."

How wonderful, to have a bank manager as crazy as everyone else I know!


  1. The Cab Ride piece: sobbed my eyes out.

  2. Beth, you are the best!!! Dave from the Bank Notes.

  3. Yes, the cab ride piece is very moving. And Dave - your group is called the Bank Notes? LOVE IT!!!