Monday, May 21, 2012

welcoming our boy

Anna's baby boy was born at 8.27 p.m. Nine pounds (4.07 kilos) and 21 inches long, a big boy. I was beside her for the whole thing. Until the end, I was sure she'd have to have a caesarian - no way that enormous bulge was going to pass through that portal. She pushed like Hercules, my girl, and the midwives and I, on either side, pushed with her. At the end, the doctor used the suction cup, and two pushes later, out he came. The most miraculous imaginable sight - a human being. A perfect new person.

And a few minutes later, the Victoria Day fireworks exploded outside the window, over the lake. The whole city, celebrating with us.

When things settled a bit, I went into the hall to call Anna's dad and her brother, both sitting by the phone. Sam appeared not long after, and the baby's grandfather will appear in a few days. Sam called one great-grandmother, and I called the other.

It was a long day, it's 11.15 p.m. and I got to the hospital at 8.45 this morning. So, more detail tomorrow. Mostly to say - that he inhaled meconium on his way out, so the paediatrician was there waiting; they cleaned him and put him in the warm bassinette thingy, and then she began to work on his lungs. They were concerned because he was having a bit of trouble breathing. So they put a tiny oxygen mask over his face and pumped in oxygen. After about an hour, they brought him to Anna, to hug and hold for a minute or two, and then they took him to neo-natal intensive care. We visited him there. His colour is good, and he's in expert hands; they just want to keep an eye on his breathing. He lay there in his little white hat, opening his eyes, pushing out his tongue, flailing his magic arms and legs, perfect hands, perfect feet. He opened his eyes; he squeezed his mother's hand. It felt like I knew him already.

Monitors everywhere. When this is over, I don't ever want to hear a machine beep again, ever in my life. Something beeped in the cab on the way home, and I jumped into the air. No beeps. Ever.

He's a Taurus, on the cusp of Gemini. Whatever that means. And now, I need some food. I think I'll cry now. My daughter is a champion. I am in awe.

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