Tuesday, May 1, 2012


CLASSES BEGIN TODAY AND TOMORROW.  Today, 12.30 to 3 at U of T: Life Stories.
Wednesday, 6.30 to 9.15 at Ryerson, True to Life.

Now is your chance to tell your life stories, to learn to shape your memories into a narrative to be shared with supportive others, with me as your mentor. I just read this, about the word:  "The common denominator of great mentors is that they are good and active listeners willing to offer constructive, but blunt, criticism and, at the same time, share stories about their own failures."
Mark Evans; Age No Barrier; Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada); Mar 30, 2012.

Not too blunt. And share I do. 

Here's what a student said of her time in last term's class:

You are so well-informed, confident, passionate, wise, clever, and mature in how you present yourself and in what you draw from your students. Your comments on our work are masterful and spot on. You treat us as mature adults and writers from the get-go and you focus on the writing. You get us down to it, and you work us, giving us lots of opportunity to read and learn from critique, allowing us no apologies or excuses.

Come and see if you agree.

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