Friday, May 18, 2012

The emperor has no clothes


That complicated line of text is actually a portrait of our esteemed Prime Minister, naked, modelled after Manet's "Olympia". It's a wonderful piece of work, featured tonight on CBC Radio's "As It Happens." I urge you to paste it in your server and relish the view.

No, below is not the Prime Minister's belly, it belongs to my patriotic daughter, whose once-tiny Canadian flag tattoo is much more prominent now. She is spending today with friends in 

the suburbs who have a pool; she and her flag are anxious to spend some time weightless.

When I called my mother, she couldn't talk because she was being led to an exercise class. Of sorts.

It's a holiday weekend, with nothing but sunny skies predicted. This means the city will empty, and us non-cottagey types will have lots of quiet. It's very quiet right now in my too-big house. Time for a snack. Your faithful correspondent is one happy, happy camper.

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