Tuesday, June 11, 2013

bloggers unite

The rain has stopped briefly, though it's still murky. Things in the veg garden are growing beautifully; I had stewed rhubarb for breakfast and will have fresh lettuce with dinner. And the roses are finally bursting forth. Perfection.

And more perfection: John Oliver last night on the "Daily Show." He handled the transition from Jon to John with his self-deprecating humour and quick wit. Something new.

In this endless maze that is the internet, it's a treat to stumble on kindred spirits. I don't know how to list other blogs at the side of the page, the way some websites do, but I would like to share two new discoveries with you. A friend sent me a link to Carrie Anne Snyder, a Canadian writer of phenomenal energy: she has a successful book of short stories and four young children; she also runs, does yoga, cans and bottles, and will soon be teaching creative writing. I'm exhausted just thinking about what she accomplishes - and then finds time to blog about it all. She writes with power, honesty and grace about her life, and includes brave thoughts about writing. Check her out:


And here's the website of old friend Shaena Lambert, who took her MFA in Creative Writing at UBC at the same time I did, in the early eighties. She has just written the most breathtaking story, "Oh My Darling," for the Walrus, and has a book coming out by the same name. Check out her Thoughts on Writing.

Shaena Lambert


And now I'm back to contemplating my roses.

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