Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Ride for my Heart and "The War of 1812"

Just got in from a beautiful Don Valley trail bike ride when the heavens opened again. The great thing about all this rain is that I haven't had to water my garden in weeks. The mighty Don River, though its usual pale brown colour, is swollen and moving faster than I've ever seen it, with real rapids. And again, while the sun was out, it was paradise down there, honeysuckle air, birdsong, the only other sounds the chatter of people riding on the Parkway and a distant siren or two. I sang my Paul's "The long and winding road" aloud as I rode, and thanked the heavens for this glorious day. And for not opening while I was outside.

 Debris left on the bridge over the Don when the river rose and engulfed it and then subsided..
 The Don Valley Parkway this morning.
 My long and winding road - two kilometres from my downtown front door.
The raging Don River, brown as always, frothier than usual.

Had a marvellous day yesterday, threw all my plans out the window when Wayson called. I was about to bike to St. Lawrence Market, so he decided to drive me there; we returned with quantities of food and had lunch. He then ensconced himself on the deck and sat reading and making notes all afternoon while I worked, then I made supper - salmon, asparagus and corn from the market - and we went to see the Videocab production of "The War of 1812." Michael Hollingsworth and his team have written a number of these plays that are takes on Canadian history; I'm ashamed to admit I'd never before seen one of his highly entertaining productions. What a ride! Eight actors playing scores of characters, with lightning fast wig and costumes changes, music, history whipping by ... I now understand that war for the first time. A special pleasure to see talented young actor Mac Fyfe, son of an old friend, the wonderful actress Nancy Beatty.

What matters most is the ultimate message of the play: the senselessness and brutality of war, then and now. Highly recommended.

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