Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy pride, Bert, Ernie, Chris, Bruce, Wayson, JM, Richard et al.

My neighbours are getting ready to go out and celebrate on Church Street. I'm still in bed. My son just called - he too, after spending time with Eli, caught a bug of some kind. Kids today! Germ-ridden!

But what joy - today he moved into his new apartment, which he just timed is three and a half minutes from his sister's. He's at her place now, helping her with something. They fought bitterly as kids, but always, underneath, they'd take on anyone to defend the other. Now more so than ever.

Just have to stay awake another hour before I can take a sleeping pill and knock myself out. Yay. Happy Canada Day and Pride weekend, everyone.

PS Friend Theresa Kishkan, who is blocked from adding comments to my site for some reason, sent this through email: I love this cover -- so human, if that doesn't sound completely weird (when one is speaking of Muppets).

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