Saturday, June 22, 2013

speaking about failure

Free Luminato arts festival events all weekend, including a Literary Picnic at Trinity-Bellwoods Park today, sixty writers reading and meeting - and the forecast is for thunderstorms. It has already poured once today. There's such severe flooding in Alberta that thousands have been evacuated.

The upside, she said with blithe selfishness, is that I won't have to water the garden.

I'm feeling a bit more solid today, though sleep is still elusive. I was given a list of the symptoms of hyperparathyroidism, which is what I had: depression, tiredness, nausea, muscle weakness, poor memory. Though the other symptoms eluded me, that explains why I couldn't remember anyone's name or where anything is. Now I will be even more full of energy, good cheer and muscle, and I'll remember everything. Can't wait. Hope also that I will sleep.

Today, another quiet day of reading and trolling the internet. Just watched Chelsea Clinton interview Stella McCartney, a marvellous moment where they discussed being the children of famous parents and growing up in the public eye, how much they have in common and how they should drink together for a week to discuss it. Thank you, Facebook and Twitter, for making sure, even as I sit here with my little wound, that I'm connected to this fascinating planet.

And here, for your inspiration, is an article: Seven writers telling us cheerfully about failure.

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