Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A silent "Yesterday" for you

Sorry - I got it this far. A big video chunk turned into a tiny clip with no sound. But it moves!

Awaiting further thunderstorms here, as the city recuperates from the frenzy on Monday. As we mourn the unspeakable disaster in Lac Megantic. The newspaper this morning was almost unbearable. But - there was a report from the 3 women who'd been kidnapped and held prisoner for 10 years, the 3 of them well, recovering, fierce, grateful. Life goes on. Until it doesn't.

I showed two pages of the current memoir draft to Wayson yesterday. "The voice works," he said. I suspected that, but what joy to hear it confirmed from my sternest critic. So - onward. Just came back from the brand new Regent's Park Farmers Market with a loaf of fresh multi-grain sourdough, a giant lettuce, some fresh ginger honey - and will cook my own beans and eat my own tomatoes for dinner.

It's still moving up there. So weird.

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