Friday, July 19, 2013

golden slumbers

An extraordinary moment a while ago - the kitchen was suddenly suffused with golden light. I went upstairs to get a better view of the sky - stunningly beautiful layers of cloud, one small patch of cerulean blue beneath streaks of pink, orange and red, the rest banks of grey and white. I got on my bike and rode around the 'hood - a few others were outside looking at the sky. Saw two women sitting on their front porch, bathed in incredible light, staring at their cellphones.

I texted Anna about the light, and she wrote back, "Same over here. The sky like a golden dome." It demands a chorus of angels and some trumpets.

We've been waiting for extreme weather - a violent thunderstorm with hail predicted, even a tornado outside of town. But so far, just a hard burst of rain, and this. Now it's dark, there's still no rain, but the heat has broken. There's a fresh breeze. May it last. These last days have been brutal.

Hurricane Eli came to visit. He and his mama are flying off to visit family in B.C. on Sunday, so this was my last visit for 2 whole weeks. How can I stand it? I know I promised not to post so many pictures, but ... can you blame me for wanting to share his mind-boggling cuteness? Hmmm?

Friend Chris is reading the current memoir draft, sent me a bunch of comments today on the first 50 pages. Very valuable - pointing out where the timeline is confusing, for example. But at one point, he wrote, "I laughed out loud." Now THAT is music to my writer's ears.

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