Monday, July 15, 2013

"Much ado about nothing"

So here's a concept - a big Hollywood director apparently gets together regularly with his favourite actor friends and reads Shakespeare, and one day, they all decide to film "Much Ado" in his house, in 12 days. And they do, and I'm here to attest that the result is delightful.

So often, modern adaptations of Shakespeare are excruciating. This one works. It's clever without being irritating (Canadian Opera Company, are you listening?), and it brings our beloved William S. to bold new life. And with American actors, who generally grate on the ear when they're intoning Shakespeare. A few still do, here, but mostly, they make great sense of what they're saying for themselves and for us. And what they're saying is that commitment and trust are good.

I loved it. And the cinema was air conditioned. Life is good.

I'm writing this standing up. But luckily, there are stools at my kitchen counter, and soon I will sitting on one.

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