Sunday, July 14, 2013

ding dong belle

I do not like to make fun of people. But sometimes, it's hard not to. And that's where Facebook is a feast.
For example. Please relish this little musical treat.
5 July 2013 12:10

And for a real treat: Google the official trailer for "Twenty feet from stardom." It'll give you a taste of this wonderful film. (Sorry about the underlining - can't get rid of it.)

And another treat: here's that raving Socialist Andrew Coyne, cooing sweet nothings in the "Montreal Gazette" about our government.

Secretive, controlling, manipulative, crude, autocratic, vicious, unprincipled, untrustworthy, paranoid … Even by the standards of Canadian politics, it’s quite the performance. We’ve had some thuggish or dishonest governments in the past, even some corrupt ones, but never one quite so determined to arouse the public’s hostility, to so little apparent purpose. Their policy legacy may prove short-lived, but it will be hard to erase the stamp of the Nasty Party.
Perhaps, in their self-delusion, the Tories imagine this is all the fault of the Ottawa media, or the unavoidable cost of governing as Conservatives in a Liberal country. I can assure them it is not. The odium in which they are now held is well-earned, and entirely self-inflicted.

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