Monday, July 8, 2013


I took some video of Paul last night. Not too much - I didn't want to experience the concert through a tiny screen, as many were doing, but through all my senses in that vast auditorium. But still, I do have bits of video and would like to share them with you, but just tried to post them here and could not. I think to do so would involve YouTube and therefore, you're out of luck. Sorry about that. I have a couple of unsatisfactory stills instead. Wish you could hear him alone with a guitar singing "Yesterday," and then the relentless rocking bassline of "Daytripper" and the pounding beat of "Paperback Writer". And then the gorgeous beauty of "Golden Slumbers," which ended the long night.

If you come over, I'll play them for you.
The tiny crowd. A very very happy crowd of nearly 18, 000. All singing.
Just before the band came on.

From the net. 

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