Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday in London

Yesterday, my walk around Bloomsbury. This is Gordon Square. Virginia, Vanessa, and their coterie lived around the square for years. The picture is Virginia and Lytton Strachey, who lived next door.
One of their stately homes on a beautiful sunny street right on the square, a lovely place to live.
Walking to "The Goat" last night, passed this. Dying to see it. It's sold out a year in advance and just won a bunch of British theatre awards. That amazing woman can do no wrong!
Today's walk: on my way to St. Paul's, passed the courthouse on Fleet Street, a humble little building.
I liked this: Messrs. Hoare, Bankers, site of the Mitre (religious headgear) Tavern. Seems apt all round.
 St. Paul's on Easter Sunday. Magnificent inside, the choir echoing up into the dome.
 Across the Millennium Bridge - what a view, the Tower, London Bridge, the Shard.
From inside the Tate Modern - an art installation with blasts of mist and neon lights. Children especially adore it, running in and out. I went through the mist later and got damp. Don't like damp because I'm a grown up, unfortunately.
Inside the Tate Modern, an incredible museum - Agnes Martin, a famous Canadian. She was born in Saskatchewan, which I think accounts for the vast spaces of her canvasses.
The Millennium Bridge, which had to be closed for a bit after it opened because it was twisting in the wind.
 My people
Shakespeare's Globe
Lunch in an Italian restaurant outside near the British Museum - that's the London Review of Books shop on the other side, unfortunately closed all weekend. I drooled outside the window. A 12 pound lunch included pasta, a wilted salad, and a glass of red, which I did not knock over. Delicious.

A fantastic day which I'll detail later. Got to rest and go out again for more.


  1. Lovely illustrated guide to your walk, Beth! So many of my favourite things. There's a great bookstore along from the London Review one, Enitharmon -- they publish poetry and innovative prose as well as limited editions of interesting art books, etc. and the shop is their retail outlet. And you'll get a reasonable meal of mezes at Tas, just around the corner from the British Museum. Vegetables!

  2. I will look for Taz, Theresa, thanks. Unfortunately, the bookstore is closed through Monday, so it'll have to wait till my next trip. I'm in bed, resting before the next outing. It's cold out there, but not raining. What a city.