Saturday, April 1, 2017

les flâneuses

This morning Madame went out to buy fresh croissants and fresh hot - hot - bread, smelling of yeast, for breakfast. My happiness knew no bounds, especially with not only French jam but Canadian peanut butter to spread. At lunch yesterday, I nearly began to weep with joy. It happens often.

We walked the 'hood, doing errands, poking in little shops - and in the market right outside our door, for junk and for food. Below, the view of our apartment building; we're on the second floor.

And then to a local supermarket, for wine. Just grocery stores are a great adventure.

I bought fake ranuncule - ranunculus - on the left, to go with the real ones I bought a few days ago for Lynn, on the right. I'll take the fake ones home, to keep me company. To remember.
And then - lunch, our usual, Spanish ham, bread, cheese, salad, wine.
Tonight going to dinner at the home of a friend of Lynn's. Tomorrow I take the train to Avignon. The adventure continues.


  1. I can smell that bread from here. Yum.

  2. I have some packed for the train to Avignon, a ham and cheese sandwich. Onward.