Saturday, April 22, 2017

science march heroes

Happy Earth Day. It was chilly but sunny here, unlike Washington D.C., where my cousin and her husband, both scientists, marched with others against Trump. Proud of her!
I have a cold and also still have jet lag, and so will not be burbling merrily here as I sometimes do. Eli came for a sleepover; we went to the farm to see lambs, kids, and piggies, and especially to throw stones into the pond for some considerable length of time. Came home via the playground where we had to climb everything in sight over and over again. Managed to eat some food, and then my grandson disintegrated and I felt his forehead - hot hot hot. So, a child's Advil, some stories, and bed. Let's hope he sleeps. Hope I do too.

Tomorrow is the first round in the French elections. Last night I watched both John Oliver and Bill Maher. Sheer terror, as we laugh.

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