Thursday, April 27, 2017

think twice, another day in paradise

My luck is holding, so far - there was a chilly wind today, but the sun was still beaming, a beautiful day. I worked all morning in Bruce's tranquil aerie, then Chris came and we walked in Stanley Park, talking non-stop as we do, and stopped at the teahouse for refreshments.
Can you see how unbelievably green it is behind, and lovely, with tulips and daffs and fruit trees in bloom? Incidentally, that red button I'm wearing was a gift from Penny, in London - it says Abbey Road. Sigh. That seems a long time ago.

Groceries and errands, home for a rest, then the little ferry over to the Maritime Museum -
- the view of the West End after getting off the ferry - could a city be more photogenic?

- and a short walk to a Thai supper with Colin Thomas, who has done several substantive edits of my memoir. He's a terrific editor and a very nice man, fired suddenly last year from his job as theatre critic of the Georgia Straight after 30 years there. Disgusting. But he's finding lots of work as an editor. I recommend him highly.

He drove me to Granville Island for my next event, a fundraiser for Medecins sans Frontieres, a series of readings culled from blogs and reports of frontline workers for MSF. It was written by John Gray and featured Suzie Payne and Stevie Miller, wonderful actors, all 3 of them founding members of Tamahnous Theatre, once a theatrical force in this city. We had a brief chat after. Let's found a theatre company and do experimental work! I said, and we all laughed.

The ferry back to the Aquatic Centre and a walk along the darkening beach back to Bruce's. How I love getting ferries everywhere.
How I love this gorgeous place when it's not raining. So much sky. I am dizzy from so much sky.

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