Thursday, April 6, 2017


The ordinary little Chamber of Commerce. Periodically, there are groups of soldiers in full camo carrying submachine guns patrolling these streets packed with young people and hippies. Montpellier is a very young town. (Click to enlarge.)
 The main square - Place de la Comedie, with the opera house at the end and amazing street life everywhere. Many homeless people make their way here, because the climate is so forgiving.
An ordinary building on a side street near Lynn's
One of the movie theatres - a wonderfully ornate building
Be still my beating heart - my friend in the Monoprix cheese department. She bought a reblochon, a St. Marcellin and a chèvre. Yes. Yes. Yes yes yes. And though I had sworn not to buy, I bought a simple, cheap summer dress, sunglasses and perfect socks. Monoprix is the BEST STORE!
And nearby in this supermarket - a prize-winning Bordeaux for just over 4 euros - about $7. Sigh.

My last day in Montpellier, the sun is shining, the air is mild, I don't want to sit here and write, I want to be out there soaking it up. Mind you, I'm not off to London with its misty grey damp just yet - I'm off to Nice tomorrow. Something tells me I'll find a bit of sun there too.

More anon, dear bloggees.

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