Friday, August 2, 2019


I've been 69 for hours now, and it feels fine. A bit of a slow day, but that's because of the amount of food and drink yesterday.

A fine party, very small, just family and people who are like family - Ken, Carol, Anne-Marie and Jim. Sam barbecued a vast quantity of meat and I made three cucumber-based salads which were terrific, one of which called for my son to strip two pomegranates of their seeds to put in. Delicious. There were toasts, and mostly, there were two little boys, playing badminton with a giant shuttlecock and making us laugh. Ben pretends that the kitchen screen door is a subway door and he calls out the stops. We were all mellow and fine, there was a breeze, and the guests got a door prize: a freshly-picked - you guessed it - cucumber!

This afternoon I went to the dermatologist who confirmed that the white bumps on my face were called milia and got rid of them. It cost $100 and I'm thrilled - tiny wounds on my face but soon, no bumps. Only I'm sure they will soon be replaced by others. Annals of aging #842.
Badminton with Uncle Sam
The cake Sam bought for me - peanut butter and dark chocolate. Not quite rich enough. LOL.
 A favourite spot.
The girls - Carol, Anna, the old bag, Anne-Marie. And the cheese tray.

The Americans have backed out of the nuclear treaty with Russia. Beyond appalling. Please God, give that man a heart attack. Please make the Democrats stop battling each other and get on with saving the world. Please. For my birthday. Because I'd like to make it to 70.


  1. Happy belated birthday Beth. Looks like you had a wonderful celebration. Cheers!

  2. Thank you! Yes, it was wonderful. And now - onward.