Thursday, August 15, 2019

student success story

What joy to receive this from a former student. She ran a parish in Hamilton and invited me to lead a writing workshop there. Wonderful to be a positive voice in someone's head!
Hi Beth, I'm happy to report that my first spiritual memoir, Even the Sparrow, has gone to print! It's being released mid Oct in North America and the UK and we're presently working towards a German translation as well. I'm not going to win any Booker prizes, but it's not bad for a first book. It's got some 'teachy' bits, which I know you won't like (sorry!), but hopefully some courageous storytelling as well.

I would love to send you a copy once I get it - is there an address I can send it to?

I'm presently writing the next, and spending time before writing each day reading True to Life. I like having your voice in my head as I write. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world, and helping us to find our voices.

With thanks and affection,

Jill Weber

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