Saturday, August 10, 2019

the sanity of the garden

Bill Maher was particularly dark last night. It does look sometimes like right now is the end of the world - the unleashing of angry violent men, the triumph of moronic far right political leaders - Trump's approval rating at 42%!! - the melting of the glaciers. Possible war with Iran. One of his guests (EXTREMELY HANDSOME American journalist Richard Engel) pointed out that we often see viral photos or videos of racist events on FB and Twitter - a video, say, of a white woman shrieking at a black child who has set up a lemonade stand - that lead us to fulminate in rage. After they're posted, these are guaranteed to go viral thanks to algorhithms designed by the Russians, who are doing everything possible to divide western society and make us hate each other. With ease and great success.
(Here's Richard Engel. See what I mean? Very smart, lefty, nice on the eyes. Sigh.)
See how shallow I am? Simultaneously horrified about current events and admiring cute men. Yum.

My back still hurts a lot, sharp burning shooting down my right leg. Yesterday, several friends in another kind of pain came over, separately, for comfort, one who's been diagnosed with a dreadful auto-immune disease, another who's a recent widow. So we were all in pain.

However - the weather could not be better, mild with a breeze. And this, also nice on the eyes, is what awaits me and my guests when we go outside. So I try not to despair. There's great beauty out there. And there are grandchildren. We have to hope for sanity, for their sake.
One more - Richard Engel with his 3-year old son, who has a rare neurological disorder. What the world needs now is MORE GOOD MEN.

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