Friday, August 16, 2019

SNC yadda yadda

I cannot resist putting in my two cents worth, as it's hard to believe this appalling hooha continues. So our prime minister pressured a cabinet minister, encouraged her to fine this company - for an ethics violation nearly twenty years old! - rather than risk losing many thousands of Canadian jobs ... that's a horrifying breach of the law? No, that's how the system works, and a more experienced, or perhaps more loyal, politician would have known that and said either yes or no, which she was never denied the option of doing, rather than risk destroying her party with a self-righteous betrayal.

No question, huge mistakes were made, and Trudeau and others pushed too hard. But what harm would have been done by fining this company, which now, because of the ongoing bad press, risks going bankrupt? Look at the world, at what goes on politically in I'd hazard to say every other country on earth - and you really think "inappropriate pressure" is bad? How - dare I say it - Canadian.

The outrage is insanely overblown, and yes, it might give us the total, unthinkable nightmare of Andrew Scheer, though I like to think, I pray, that many Canadians look at this overblown, overwrought "scandal" as I do - as a complete waste of time. For a little perspective ...

If Andrew Scheer is elected and proceeds to smash everything worthwhile about Canada as Doug Ford is doing to Ontario, I will hold Jody Wilson-Raybold personally responsible.

Sparrows are bathing in the birdbath on the deck railing, actually just a ceramic plant base filled with water - they plunge in and shake and wiggle and flap. Now that's pleasure.

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