Saturday, May 2, 2020

Beth_Kaplan is Wiki'd!

I think the tension around here will lessen by the middle of next week. That's the hope. In the meantime, I will be listening to a lot of Johann Sebastian Bach.

A great pleasure, however, today: I am on Wikipedia! My friend Sophie prepared the post and waited a long time for it to be vetted by the Wiki folks. But there it is. She sent a picture too, but pictures have to be taken by the author of the post, so she has to take one herself when we next see each other. Which will be whenever. 

Went for a walk this morning down the Don Valley trail, which was too crowded - hard to keep distance on narrow paths. One startling thing - there has always been a vague homeless presence down there, but this time there were two encampments, one with about 10 tents and one with 2 or 3. Though some of the tents were big and looked new, others were little more than tarps. We have to do better.

Speaking of doing better, my friend Chris sent me this link to a beautiful little film. May it prove to be true.

However, another frustration: I was just checking a book online and came across this infuriating thing: a used hardcover of the Jewish Shakespeare for $6, a used paperback for $63.62, a new paperback listed at $99.30! Oh yes, that makes a lot of sense and really helps book sales. Thanks, Amazon.

Finding the Jewish Shakespeare: The Life and Legacy of Jacob Gordin (Judaic Traditions in Literature, Music, and Art) by Beth Kaplan (2012-04-30) Paperback – Jan. 1 1688

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