Friday, May 29, 2020


Oh this is needed today! Every article spot on. Thank you, universe. Ah - just tried to post it but can't, so here's a screenshot. Hope you can find the whole NYT parody - it's hilarious (all but headlines in Latin. Click to enlarge.)
And this - heartbreaking, as Anna's kids get ready for the demise of their beloved cat Naan. "I love you a lot Naan. We all do Naan but I love you the most. You are moving on to a batr place."
And this - a screenshot of me yesterday, on Zoom, about to start the class and admiring my new long hair. Ten students, eight beautiful stories in nearly 3 hours - Zoom works.
Okay, time to get busy - did the Zoom line dancing class with Gina - at the end of this pandemic, I will be a skilled line dancer! Then a mutual support Zoom meeting with Judy, she reading my stuff and I reading hers, priceless. Now a quick piano practice, especially because my tenant Robin has gone to the office today - he has been home for 10 weeks, and I'm shy to make noise on the piano when he's here. But today he's not and I can pound to my heart's delight. And then, lots and lots of work. It's hot. The garden is joyful. And I'm not bad myself.

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