Wednesday, May 6, 2020

in the storm

I thought my difficult issue was being resolved but in fact, I feel like I'm in a sailboat in a hurricane. However. It's a sturdy boat, and I have faith we'll get through. At some point. I do have friends who are aware of the situation and are giving support and counsel. Thank the very good lord for wise, solid, caring friends.

Otherwise - it's spring, the world is stunningly beautiful, I don't think it has ever been lovelier because we need it so much - flowers, green, buds, birds. Birds. Green. Magnolia trees. I walk the same route in the 'hood every day, just looking and breathing.

Monday night, two superb programs - one on CRISPR which I began, barely, to understand - the genetic sequence they've discovered will repair itself when damaged, and so they're hoping they can use CRISPR to repair genetic flaws like sickle cell anemia and Huntington's. Again, I wish my dad were here to watch these incredible genetic innovations. And also to debate the scary, risky side of all this - the selection of characteristics for babies, the end of Down's Syndrome, where is it all headed?

And then the finale of My Brilliant Friend, ending with Lila - spoiler alert! - in a version of hell, a salami factory with dead pigs and a river of blood on the floor. A shock for Lenu and for us all. But also a loving friendship with a kind man, a healthy happy son, a bright tidy apartment - she has created her own life. Such superb drama. Can't wait for Season Three, though - can they top this, or even keep up?

So, another day. A Zoom stretching class at 1, a talk at 3 with my tech guy about an important issue, aperitif at 5, and my son coming for supper. In between, what? No idea. My little boat and I sail on.

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