Sunday, May 24, 2020

hot hot hot

Hard to believe yet not, because we are Canadian: it is now high summer, nearly 30 degrees and sweltering, sweat dripping. I always joke that there's winter, and then spring happens on Tuesday between 2 and 5, and then it's summer. Not true this year, it was a long confusing spring, some heat, then cold, then hail and even a sprinkling of snow, then heat. And now - HEAT. The great wardrobe shift has begun - wool to the basement, shorts and tank tops out.

I have a sore throat. Usually that's something I'd ignore, but now, not. So I am sticking close to home. John came over to do some repairs and I kept far away and made him wear gloves. Otherwise, no one is coming close to me. Yesterday Jannette came to help me garden, but she always wears a mask. We planted like crazy, and my body hurt afterwards, but the veggies are mostly in. There's more to do, but then there's always more to do.

Right now, sore throat or not: rosé. Because nothing says summer like a chilled glass of rosé, on the deck, under the umbrella. And since I'm not feeling great, I will drink it alone.

A lovely animated essay about playing the piano at a late age - I identify completely.

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