Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Wednesday's thrilling report

A gorgeous day - you can hear the leaves growing. What day is this? I only know it's Wednesday because I do Jane Ellison's Zoom movement class Wednesday and Sunday, and I know it's not Sunday.

Monday morning, the heart-pounding excitement of a trip to the big Loblaws to buy my special peanut butter and lemon yogurt and other things I can't get at No Frills, including Girl Guide cookies. Yesterday, as the weather improved, gardening to the point of pain, scattering fertilizer under the growing plants and digging up the veg patch, ready for planting in a few weeks. Anna's Thomas told me he put out some seedlings a few days ago - and they all froze.

Last night, watched The Miracle Worker again - what an amazing story and performance by Patty Duke. When she learns the word 'teacher', I - guess what - teared up.

This morning, a huge treat - Thomas and Eli rode over for a visit. Anna packed them a picnic and I had my own, so we sat and had lunch on the deck in the hot sun - distanced, except for this picture. No hugging, which was hard. Girl Guide cookies for dessert and the rest went back with them.
Glamma is hairier than she has been in a long time. I like it.

Tonight, a special treat - I've bought a ticket to a Zoom Moth storytelling event. Jane's class and the Moth are two things I love and cannot usually attend. One plus of this pandemic.

And so - another day, another not a dollar.

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