Monday, January 6, 2014

Delicious Downton

Just guessing who lives here ...
A Florida Christmas tree
Crowded beach
Not so crowded beach

And now - get ready, my readers, because tonight, as the song says, Eli's coming! With his mama. So there may be a few photographs of a little boy covered with sand. I hope so, because tonight and tomorrow, it's going to be very cold, Florida-style - 10 celsius or colder. But by Thursday it's supposed to start warming up, and by the weekend, just in time, the sun.

Last night's thrill - the return of Downton. More marvellous than ever - I loved every minute. What superb actors, fabulous sets, costumes, lines. Dame Maggie, relishing every moment. Yes, there are bits that are simply absurd and I wondered why Julian Fellowes has to do that silly stuff - the whole bit with Carson resolving his life's great sorrow in two minutes at the railway station. And why Fellowes would want us to think that Cora and her husband are still so incredibly stupid that they don't know Mr. Barrow is a lying scheming son of a bitch AFTER ALL THIS TIME!

But quibbles aside, it's a rich royal treat; two hours vanished. Today, getting the last of my work done, because soon … Eli's coming!

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