Sunday, January 12, 2014

northward ho

Twas ever thus - today is the best day of our vacation - the sun is shining madly through there's still a sharp wind. But there's sun. We went to the beach with a naked Eli, and we jumped and jumped and jumped into the pool. At least, Mama and baby did. Glamma was cold. She's a wimp. We're doing laundry and packing up, and soon we leave for the airport, hopefully with a worn-out babe in tow. 

Thank you for everything, planet. And readers - I know you can't wait to see the hundreds of photos of a sandy bottom on the beach. I'll post a few as soon as I get home. Where there's the internet in every room, so I do not have to drive to the bagel store. What an idiot I was not to hook up my phone. Oh well. I'm old. We don't know how to do those things. 

A bientôt. 

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