Wednesday, January 8, 2014

polar vortex in Florida

How Floridians dress for the cold
 At a restaurant - me, Booboo and Paul McCartney
 at the beach


  1. Good Grief,Charlie Beth!
    Dont you ever just relax and allow thought to just seep in.Not chatter, though.I know that you are part Gordin,and so it is there,and has betimes frequently manifested itself.Perhaps the initial lack of wifi was intended as a signal.Ah well,just take this as the muttering of an old crab(as i'm sure Caryl would say) who wishes a wonderful New Year to you all.Love,GG

  2. George, a Happy New Year to you too. I'm not quite sure, when you say "it is there," what it means. A burning desire to be in constant contact with the world, perhaps, which is, yes, there.
    We're home. It was a wonderful trip. I'm glad Eli lives with his mother and not with me.