Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Florida oh yes

I leave tomorrow and am, as is usual at this point, beseiged with lists - packing, the house, teaching work which starts as soon as I get back. And a few anxieties: the crabby cat has a huge growth on her foot and is not eating much, turns up her nose at almost everything and is getting thin. The vet is away till mid-January, so I'm leaving her here with Carol. My son just texted from Emerg - something fell on his foot at work, there are large puncture holes and it's black and blue. I know because he sent a picture; it looks ghastly.

It's bitterly cold and icy out there, and my skin is as dry as an old cactus and itchy. I went this afternoon to an annual neighbourhood New Year's Day party, drank too much and am foggy now. I cannot find an important document anywhere, including the garbage which I went through - it has vanished off the face of the earth. How does that happen?

Okay. Now for the good stuff: I went to bed last night at 11.30, whereas my 93-year old aunt went to bed at 3 a.m. after getting home late from her soiree. It will take a lot to kill this cat. Feet heal. The little family is fine and will join me in the sun before long. The neighbourhood bash was wonderful - a chance to  get caught up with friends I haven't seen in ages - Gina and Paul up the road are now grandparents and their grandchild came so fast, their son had to deliver her! Another neighbour is fading with cancer; we talked about how to support them all. Riverdale Farm gossip. Parliament Street gossip. Love it.

And the crabby cat has just settled in beside me, which is as affectionate as she gets. She may even miss me. But I'll be back soon. Tomorrow I hope to make it out of here to a warmer place, where I can walk on the beach and think calm thoughts. I will leave Carol in charge, a great blessing. Just have to make it through this list.

I would like to write something meaningful about 2013, perhaps a reflection on the year to come. Just not now.

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