Thursday, January 30, 2014

skiing without clothing

Suddenly I'm warmer. Not because it actually IS warmer - though it is, a tiny bit, only minus four, minus twelve with the wind chill, practically spring, as my friend Ann said this morning.

No, I'm warmer because I just viewed this film of people skiing in the deep snow of the gorgeous Kootenay mountains.


Suddenly I feel very old.

Last night, pizza with Ken and a Tafelmusic Bach concert. With Ken, I feel very young. He's in his late seventies and has the grin and energy of a 9-year old boy. The Bach was beautiful, but best of all was a modern piece by a Quebecois flutist and composer called Gregoire Jeay, who also played most of the concert. Check him out - he's a nice-looking man and he plays a mean flute. Warmed me up nicely.

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