Monday, January 20, 2014

how to stop procrastinating

Here's a wonderful article, sent by student Joanne, about how to get on with your writing work. Funny and true, even if your hips work.

It's freezing here and about to get colder. Yesterday, rushing huddled along Spruce Street, I ran into my neighbour Jack. "Why are we living in this hellhole?" I asked him before speeding past. But - we're Canadians, and this is what we're used to. These last few years of mild temperatures and no snow - too weird. Now it feels like Canada - bitter cold and wind, lots of ice and snow and faceless people dressed in bulky shapeless black, who are not necessarily Muslim.

I am working, working. Fun! Getting ready for the first U of T class of term tomorrow. Making plans for a reading/storytelling series on the Danforth, though not till May. Thinking about the next trip. Getting my book about writing out to my favourite critical editors, in preparation for possible self-publishing there too. Oh, and I just heard from the man whose business is to help people self-publish. This is what he wrote about the Beatles manuscript:
What a wonderful book this will make! I love the writing, the story, the diary entries. It's excellent. I would love to be the publisher of this book. 

Now that's what we call music to the ears. Last night, a communal dinner of roast chicken and trout, shared with Wayson, Jean-Marc and Richard, and then - Downton! Two solid hours because I missed last week's. Poor Anna. Poor Branson. Hooray Mrs. Hughes. Fun. I told the boys I want us to have a communal dinner every Sunday night through the winter. It'll get us through.


  1. Great news about the book Beth, delighted for you. DOWNTON is addictive, love it! Although I know where my station in life would have been should I have lived at that time! Ah well, can but dream! Carole

  2. Yes, it's the best soap opera ever - and the costumes! We need another handsome hunk to replace Matthew, though I'm very fond of the lovely Branson. Happy viewing.