Saturday, July 19, 2014

the writer is pleased

I've written to Bill Spurr, who wrote the article below, thanking him for his enthusiasm and interest. It is wonderful to have a full piece in a newspaper and I hope it piques interest. I'm thrilled. And though it's not confirmed, it does look like I'll be speaking in October at the Halifax Grammar School, the superb school founded by my father and described in the book.

Chilly and grey today, and supposed to thunderstorm tomorrow, when I'm hosting 10 writers in my garden. Or perhaps in my living room.

Now, out to the market and then to try to find an actual copy of the "Halifax Chronicle-Herald."

Just had an email from friend David, an actor who's filming in Halifax. "Lovely story about your new book in today's Chronicle-Herald." Woo hoo. 


  1. beth,tried to send a comment hours ago,but will now try again[and undoubtedly will fail again] ...we'll be in Halifax Sun Sept 28 and again Tues Oct 7. Perhaps .....?

    1. George, wouldn't that be marvellous, if we could meet in Halifax? One of my favourite places on earth. I start my U of T term Oct. 7 so could try for the weekend of Sept. 28. It depends on the school which is my sponsor, but I'll try, so that we can meet in the fresh sea air. I can take you on my own personal tour of Halifax, though of course it's barely recognizable now. I will try.

    2. i'll use my special powers as an ancient seer