Monday, July 21, 2014

garden workshop feedback

Garden writing workshop yesterday. Saturday was a day of floods, and thunderstorms  were predicted for Sunday too - I cleaned up the house and my office so people could spread out and write inside. At 10 a.m., everything was sodden. But the rain held off and the sun came out; we had a beautiful day and spent it almost entirely outside. 

Nine writers, come to explore stories written on the spot and read, if they wanted, later to the group: challenging for them, fascinating for me. It seems to have worked. Here's what they have emailed me since:

Thanks Beth and fellow writers for such a rewarding, inspiring, brave and lovely day in the garden. I was awed by the depth, the richness and the honesty. Thank you Beth, for once again mining the gold in your writers.

I feel privileged to have been in the company of such great writers. I was so inspired that during the kids' naps today, I let the dishes pile and spent the time writing.  We ate eggs for dinner and they never tasted so good!

Beth, you make me want to dig deeper and write better. You inspire us/me to believe in ourselves and gently touch our shoulders to keep going, to expand, to make the story bigger, which of course it always is. 

My head is spinning with the inspiration provoked by the wonderful stories I listened to today. 

And a bonus: I love doing it - sharing my garden with friends and helping to inspire talented people. Win/win.

Today, at St. Mike's osteoporosis clinic, I learned how to give myself an injection of Prolia, an osteoporosis drug, in the stomach, which I'll do once every six months. Doesn't hurt nearly as much as you think it will, because of the nicely padded belly area. Tomorrow breast screening. Various other things I won't go into. Ah yes, she is falling apart, the body. 

Next preparing for the reading series on Sunday. And apparently the writing book has shipped and is on its way. Amazing. Exciting times.

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