Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canucks at Wimbledon and Existential Comics

Found this on Facebook - if you write "Existential Comics" in your browser, the latest will come up, about German and French philosophers playing soccer. Clever and funny, as are the past ones.

And how about those Canuck tennis players? Auntie Do who's a tennis fanatic must be wild. I may even watch Toronto's young Raonic play the divine Federer tomorrow. My mother, a loyal new Canadian and a decades-long Fed Head, would have been seriously conflicted during this match.

Wimbledon always reminds me that we are coming up to the anniversary of my father's death - July 6. We watched with him as he lay on the sofa, but no one was really watching the games. I will be lighting a yahrzeit candle on Sunday, though Dad would have sneered at such a thing. But the burning candle means he'll be there with us all day.

The birds are squabbling at the feeder, the roses puff their fat pink faces all over the fence, it's Thursday July 3 2014 and we are alive. It doesn't get better than this.

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