Monday, July 7, 2014

follow the yellow brick road

Now here's a wedding shot - newlyweds in Saskatchewan, with tornado, one of two that tore through the province that day. Environment Canada has expressed concern about the apparent disregard for safety. A hell of a shot, though.
Only in Saskatchewan could there be a vista this flat. Here in Toronto today, torrential rain followed by scorching sun and back to black sky and rain. Quite the day. But no tornadoes.

A friend - actually, a blog follower whom I've never met though she was a friend of my brother's long ago - sent this about a recent photo here:
How lovely to see the candle burning in memory of your beloved father. What a man he was. To a young teenaged girl from centre town Ottawa, he was an exotic bird, tall and statuesque, a wonderful wave of dark hair. It was certain he loved his children, and was so proud of you both. I remember him as a lion of a man, David Suzuki at the dinner table and a draft dodger in the attic . Convictions, guts, balls, and love. What a delicious combination of character. Let the flame burn on.

Love "David Suzuki at the dinner table and a draft dodger in the attic" - so true, that was Dad. Of course, the person who was actually feeding both Suzuki and the draft dodger(s) was Mum.

Off to Ottawa tomorrow, leaving my son and my tenant to guard the hearth ... Yes, another road trip with the 2-year old and his mama - to visit Auntie Do, who had a scary fall last week though she wasn't hurt, and then a few days in a friend's beautiful cottage on the Quebec side. I'm hoping to NOT blog while away - just to take a break - though I may not be able to resist writing to you, because I love to do it. A bientot, in any case.

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