Monday, July 14, 2014

selfie with Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet

Where my friend Chris got this shot, I have no idea but he just sent it to me - a kid called Tom White from Omaha, Nebraska, taking a picture of himself with two of the most interesting men on earth - Macca on a park bench in Omaha with Warren Buffett. He's on tour in the midwest and apparently the two of them spent the evening dining and eating ice cream. And now sitting as if waiting for their wives to emerge from the beauty parlour. Would have liked to be a fly on the wall for their conversation.

Had two interesting phone conversations today - one with an art photographer in London who's interested in doing some kind of adaptation of my book about my great-grandfather - his office is in East London right opposite the site of the first Yiddish theatre in England, which sparked his interest.

And then with a reporter from the Halifax Chronicle-Herald who has read the memoir and wants to do a story. He talked about the "embarrassing truths" in the book and asked if they were hard to write, if I was tempted not to be so frank. It's funny, because Wayson says I haven't been frank enough in this book! I guess the reporter hasn't read many modern memoirs.

I told him I have told my students for 20 years that though there are important questions of discretion when you're writing about innocent others who might be harmed by revelations, especially children, it's important as much as possible to tell the truth. And so I did.

We'll see what he makes of that.

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