Monday, July 14, 2014

the Beatles' Paris concert, 1965

Found this on YouTube, of course. It's a clip from the concert I attended in June 1965 in the Palais des Sports, Paris, detailed in the memoir. I've actually looked for myself, but I think this is of the evening concert when I was way off to the side. You can see that most of the audience is boys, and how staid they look! Enthusiasm but not the insane screaming of other places - you can actually hear the music and how tight they are as a band. And how incredibly low-tech and primitive it all looks. This is Carl Perkins at his best. No John visible at all, unfortunately.

To view, click on the black text at the bottom right, not the arrow. Not sure why, but that's the mystery of FB. 


  1. Hey there! George rocks! And Paul is there strumming. But you know I've always favoured George!

  2. P.S. That was me, Lani

  3. Yes, he was very cute, was George. But just not cute enough. Amazing to see this footage and think that I was there.