Wednesday, February 4, 2015

truths on the table

MORE serious boasting - I know, it's getting creepy. But this lovely note just came in from a participant in the all day writing workshop and I have to share it. SO SWEET. The friend she brought with her is a psychotherapist who has already written a memoir, so I wondered if she'd enjoy the day or find it unnecessary for someone at her level. I guess not. Good news. And on a bleak February day when the streets are full of disgusting slush, a few words of praise are very welcome. Fabulous will do, let alone the rest. Thank you!

The writing workshop on Sunday was just perfect. Thanks for always opening your big beautiful heart to all of us who love you. I'm amazed at your skill in bringing us out of our skin and creating a cocoon of trust and for encouraging us to lay our truths on the table for all to see. I think you're just one of the loveliest, funniest and smartest women I there!!!! Thanks also for making my friend feel so welcome. The day exceeded all her expectations and she thinks you're fabulous too.

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