Saturday, February 14, 2015

why marriage ends

Article in yesterday's Star titled "In hindsight, would you still have married your spouse?" It's about the fact that the very attributes that attract you to someone are sometimes the things that drive you mad after a while. They cite two examples; reading them made me wince. Because they're an apt description of some reasons for the demise of my marriage:

You saw her at a party and were immediately attracted to her magnetic personality. She was the life of the party and you were honoured she spent most of the evening with you. You began dating and said she was always fun to be around. But now that you're living together, you're not so happy to be in her shadow and call her a show off. 

You admired his work ethic. He started at the bottom and proved his worth to the higher ups. You respected that he put work ahead of play and liked that he appeared stable and secure. Now you're married, you argue about how many hours he devotes to his work. You feel you're less important and never his priority. There's very little time for play and even then, it's not much fun.

Nailed it.

However, there's always hope.

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