Friday, February 13, 2015

We all love Jon. Sun News, not so much.

Oh, the outpouring about the departure of Jon - every news outlet, pundit, columnist, magazine ... it's heartening to know how many admire this fantastic human being. As they all say, it's bizarre that a comedian is the most trusted voice to deliver the news in America, but it's so. Jon Stewart is a wise guy - and the main word is wise.

In further good news, Canada's Sun News network has gone belly-up. The right wing's attempt to create a Canadian Fox "News" is over. How great is that? We all fear that Harper has shoved Canada far to the right - but not so far that it embraced shrill alarmist dogma and Ezra Levant's hysterics. I'm proud of us.

In bad news, this embarrassing idiot still seems for some incomprehensible reason to be here.

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