Tuesday, February 10, 2015

NOOOO - Jon, say it isn't so!

There are times that feel like a reward for being alive, and today was one. After a terrific class at U of T, I took the subway to Lansdowne and met Anna and Eli in the biggest Value Village on the planet, surely - SO MUCH STUFF! Amazing toys, children's clothes, women's clothes, chachka's - mmm. I've avoided Value Village but if I happen to be over here again, I will make a point of checking out this one.

Anna had a gift for me - she was at her drop in centre today which has a donated clothing depot, and there she saw - two Paul McCartney concert t-shirts! Which she picked up for moi. Be still my beating heart.

And then we went across the street to Gaslight, Sam's new bar/resto. It's really simple, very plain decor, a warm, unpretentious, narrow little space. And it's wonderful. The food was fantastic, everyone was friendly, the owners came over to tell us how much they love Sam - "We do too," I said. At one point, Eli sat at the bar next to the owner, sipping chocolate milk from a straw. A cool two-year old in the coolest new place in T.O. As we ate, I sat between my two favourite males on the face of the earth, one very tall, one very small, both adorable. Lucky me.

Home to sadness however - my third favourite man on the face of the earth, or close, anyway, is retiring! Great grief. What will I do at 11 each night? Jon, how can you do this to us? We need you!

And - another scientific article with proof that writing about your own life and truths is good not only for your mental health but your physical health as well. I should call my classes "Heal with Beth."

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