Saturday, February 14, 2015

Let It Be

Just back from "Let it Be" - a Beatles tribute event. I read the reviews which were glowing before buying a ticket. Four guys who look vaguely Beatle-esque - the guy playing John looks and sounds uncannily like him, in fact, and at times also looks uncannily like Yoko Ono though luckily does not sound like her. Anyway, what matters is that they are extremely good musicians - guitars, piano, drums, vocals - and they played everything live. There was a fifth Beatle, the George Martin guy, in the background playing synthesizer, all the extra sounds like cellos, sitars and full orchestra that they made in the studio. So we got to hear not only early stuff but the later music the Beatles never played live - and these guys did a fabulous job.
The Sgt. Pepper segment
After the Abbey Road bit when John had changed out of his white suit into the army jacket he wore later - and yes, "Paul" in his grey suit was barefoot.

What it reinforced is simply what a superb band they were from the start till the end - tight, always innovative, vocally adventurous and rocking. The highlight of the second act was "While my guitar gently weeps" which has never been a fave of mine but which exploded here. Great great music, warming us on the coldest day of the year. Minus 12 but with the windchill, minus 40. Ye gods.

This was my Valentine's present to a certain woman of whom I've grown rather fond. She looks quite a bit like me. In fact, she IS me. Rock on, my darlings.


  1. It sounds like that woman enjoyed every moment!

  2. What I forgot to mention in the post is that I ended up telling everyone around me about seeing them in 1965, all of them listening with open mouths to the withered crone who was actually THERE. At least I didn't tell them I had to walk five miles barefoot in the snow to school.

  3. And, incidentally, the event also showed how important George was - the lead guitarist in this band was not as self-effacing as sweet George; his guitar was front and centre and magnificent.