Friday, February 20, 2015


My daughter texted me yesterday midday - "Don't watch the news today." So I knew there must be bad news to do with a child or children, because that's what affects me most deeply. I couldn't help but find out about Elijah, 3 years old, somehow making his way out of his grandmother's home at 4 in the morning and freezing to death outside. The same name, just a little older than my grandson. The heart breaks. My love and thoughts to his family.

Anna thinks he was trying to go home, from what her Eli has done on a few sleepovers with relatives. She said she's thinking of getting a better lock for her back door. Please get it now, I wrote back.

While we're in this sombre frame of mind, here is a most beautiful, vital, important piece of writing, from the marvellous Oliver Sacks who has just discovered he has terminal liver cancer. How I admire his equanimity.

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