Saturday, April 2, 2016

April heat

Friday - Vancouver's West End beach, sunbathing on April 1.
Chris's extra-terrestrial cat Leon in his cosy perch - the only cat I know who actually USES one
Walking home last night after supper - outside Bruce's house.

A friend wrote asking about all the champagne. Chris never drank booze; he lives on diet Coke (ugh) and his other drug was grass. Then he discovered champagne, the only alcohol he likes. So for the first time in our 40 year friendship, we can drink together. Such fun.
Kits Beach on April 2
Beach volleyball. The first week of April! I do have to say that apparently even the Vancouverites are marvelling at the heat; some of the trees are weeks ahead in blooming.... the magnolias. 

Today I worked in the morning and got the tiny $2 ferry over to Kits Point, walked along 4th Avenue which used to be hippy paradise and is now high end - my, what a lot of medical marijuana there is in Vancouver, every second store, far ahead of Ontario. Had lunch at an old hippy hangout, however - Naam restaurant, which was there in my day - with old friend Kathryn Shaw, in the 70's the director of several of the plays I was in. We had much catching up to do.

Tonight, to Theatre of the Living, an adjunct of Headlines Theatre of which I was co-founder in 1980. David Diamond, another co-founder, has continued ever since with the company, and I'll see him perform tonight. A major re-immersion into my acting life. Love it. 

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