Wednesday, April 13, 2016

whale outside my window

I'm already turning into a Vancouver cliché - today, I actually put on my sneakers and went for a jogette along the seawall. Just ten minutes or so, a lot for me, but there I was with all the others, breathing in that wonderful fresh air, the sea, the beach, the vast sky.

And then I headed straight for Starbucks, for a grande flat white. It doesn't get more Vancouver than that. I'm ashamed of my current addiction to Starbucks, which are on every street corner here, and hate their stupid terminology - grande, for God's sake. I asked for 'medium' and they don't know what that means. But the coffee is good.

The best news: my friend Chris, who has been suffering tortures from his lack of speech, saw a psychiatrist who specializes in speech disorders today, and it sounds like the process of understanding and healing has begun. It has been a huge crisis, very worrying; now great relief that a medical professional has taken the matter in hand. Tomorrow we are going to Hawksworth, one of Vancouver's best restaurants for dinner, to celebrate.

In the meantime, a whale has been playing in the inlet just outside, though I haven't seen it yet. But this guy sure did, only a few days ago!

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