Saturday, April 9, 2016

pink and white petals

Vancouver streetscapes - the trees are so heavy with blossom, they look like they're going to break. Not to mention tulips, daffs, magnolias, camellias, and the most magnificent of all, rhododendrons of all colours. Breathtaking.
And all this with the omnipresent backdrop of ocean and mountain.

This building, above, on the third floor at the back, is where Edgar and I moved in together as young lovers, engaged to be married; where in September 1980 I discovered I was pregnant, where we left 9 months later to go to St. Paul's Hospital just down the road. Anna was born Sunday May 3 - a Sunday's child she is - and the three of us came home a few days later. The building's just down the road from Bruce's, unchanged. Many great memories. Just sent this pic to Edgar, who wrote back, "Best of days when Anna was born." 

Last night, Chris and I had dinner with Art and Debby, who lived across the hall here - two doctors with a baby, Jordan, only a few months younger than Anna, could that have been better? Jordan is a businessman now in Montreal, with two children exactly the same age as Anna's. Onward.

A bit more about Vancouver Island: eagles, thrilling to see eagles, to see First Nations culture, to be so close to the massive waves of the Pacific and have all that space, light, air, sky. The place we stayed, Chesterman Beach B and B, could not have been nicer. I recommend that all of you go there and stay. Restorative.


  1. The best of days -- a wonderful sense of shared history...

  2. Yes - a beautiful memory that I'm so glad, despite our divorce, that he and I share openly. He is coming soon to visit his children and grandchildren and will stay at the house with me. A hard-won peace with much love.