Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sam and Drake

I'm looking on this bug - a throat, lungs and general acheyness bug - as a gift. Instead of doing all the busy things I should do today, including the library protest rally and Authors for Indies - I'm sorry, my librarian and writer friends - I have to sit in my house and garden, messing about with my manuscript and editing other people's essays. And reading two newspapers and eating the soup that's in the fridge. In other words, having a wonderful day.

I have just moved the lines of the last page of the manuscript around fourteen times. It's perfect now. Until I read it again.

So in the absence of anything to say - have not watched TV, not read a book since "Patrin," not worked in the garden, gone on a walk, been anywhere, done anything but cough - I will post this for your viewing pleasure. The famous rapper Drake has just put out a new CD with a graphic of him perched on the edge of the C.N. Tower. And one of my son's friends came up with this:
Sam as the C.N. Tower with Drake on his shoulder. Damn that's a good-looking man. And Sam isn't bad either. LOL.

P.S. How can you tell I'm really sick? This bottle of wine has lasted FOUR DAYS.

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